Covid-19 Protocol

May 27, 2022 – This page will be updated as the situation changes.

Shelby County Health Department is reporting a positivity rate of 11.3% the week ending 5/21/2022 which is up significantly from the previous week.  We continue to watch the trends in the positivity rate and adjust our policies as needed to meet conditions both at Trezevant and Shelby County.

Currently, there is one positive resident in Independent Living and one positive staff in Allen Morgan.

If you visit and test positive afterward, please contact us and provide who you visited and the date so we can monitor the resident(s) to ensure they are tested.

We test staff routinely, regardless of vaccination status, to ensure no asymptomatic employees are working.  The Wellness Clinic can test IL residents and the nursing staff of Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing monitor residents daily for any signs or symptoms of infection.

We test all impacted residents if they have been exposed to a covid+ staff or another resident.

We encourage everyone who has not been vaccinated or boosted to get the vaccine/booster.  Locations for vaccination sites can be found at this link:  COVID-19 Vaccine – Shelby Community

Vaccines and Boosters

The schedule for the next booster clinic is for residents and staff in the healthcare buildings:

06/16/2022 – Allen Morgan and Trezevant Terrace

You can also receive a booster shot at Walgreens, CVS, Kroger, the Shot Nurse, or Shelby County Health Department.


Masks are no longer required for residents, guests, or fully vaccinated staff in any of the Independent Living areas.

Masks are required in both healthcare buildings for non-healthcare residents (including IL residents coming over) 2+ years or older and staff (Allen Morgan and Terrace).

Visitors to Trezevant

Visitation is open for all ages.  Visitors entering Allen Morgan or Trezevant Terrace are required to screen outside the entrance to Allen Morgan.  Please do not visit if you are running a fever, having any cough/congestion, runny nose, aches, chills, or stomach issues.

Independent Living:  Visitation is open to all ages.

Assisted Living: Visitation is open for all ages.  Screening is required and masks must be worn in all common areas of the building.  Infection Control principles must be followed.

Skilled Nursing:  Visitation is open for all ages.  Screening is required and masks must be worn in all common areas of the building.  Infection Control principles must be followed.


Due to the high transmissibility rate in Shelby County, we are testing twice a week for the following individuals:

  • All unvaccinated staff
  • All partially vaccinated staff
  • All unboosted staff who are assigned to Allen Morgan


We screen all staff, visitors, and contractors coming to Allen Morgan to prevent exposing residents.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to navigate this pandemic and determine how to best serve the Trezevant community, while maintaining our focus where it belongs: on our residents and dedicated staff.

For general questions about COVID-19 you can call the Shelby County Health Department at 1-833-943-1658 or the TN Department of Health at 1-877-857-2945.