Located in the heart of Midtown, in a beautiful tree-lined neighborhood, Trezevant is a retirement community in Memphis, TN that combines modern charm with traditional southern style.

A lifecare community, a celebration of life, providing the highest quality of lifestyle, wellness and freedom for senior adults.

From our Residents

"I love my apartment and don't have to worry about planning anymore. Trezevant makes life is a lot simpler and less stressful. It's a healthier and smarter way of living that gives me time to enjoy what I love book clubs, tutoring and traveling with friends."

- Mary Jane Gentry -

"The world is out there just waiting for me. And now that I live at Trezevant, I can continue to explore it without a care. This year I've taken a cruise around Croatia, visited Venice and attended the Spoleta Festival in Charleston- and 'm already planning upcoming trip with family."

- Jed Dreifus -

"When it was time to think of downsizing and simplifying the question was, "Where is home?" Trezevant felt right from the beginning and continues to meet all of my needs."

- Barbara Christensen -

  • Mary Jane Gentry
  • Jed Dreifus
  • Barbara Christensen
Trezevant/Allen Morgan is participating in a disaster drill with the Mid South Healthcare Coalition. In an actual emergency you will be provided information about the extent of any damages and phone number for information. Again, this is only a drill. Thank you!